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Mountain Biking

Road Construction
The ATV trail that used to run along the highway is only passable now for a short distance due to road construction. It still can be linked with the powerline and beach trails

Las Parras Pinturas Trail
This popular hiking trail was cleared and used in the 'Mision to Mision' Bike Race in December, 2017. Manny and his crew of volunteers did an incredible amount of work making this trail ridable. Unfortunately, Mother Nature took out most of the bridges and the trail now is extremely difficult for bikes. It is still a great hiking trail. Riding up or down is technical, extremely difficult and dangerous in spots. The biking part of the trail starts about one quarter of a mile past the Pinturas parking water crossing. Look for a very sharp left hand turn dropping steeply down into the arroyo.  

The In Town Single Tracks
The local riders have added a few more really fun sections to the single track trails located directly across the highway from the main entrance to Loreto on Salvatierra. Lots of fun to be had!


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