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December, 2018: Important Doctors Point Update:

Things are apparently still not great with the several new land owners and developers at El Abajo de Tierra Firme, (Known locally as Doctor's Point). They are still trying to block all access to the area. When driving north towards the point, there is now a new road to access Mil Palmas and Picazon. The old road is blocked with a large sign reading "No Tresspassing". This has been a very popular hiking spot and we are all disappointed with the current situation. Blocking access to the beach is illegal in Mexico. I suggest that we individually go to City Hall, perhaps English speakers to the Tourist office, and, more importantly, Spanish speakers to the office of the Presidente (mayor).

For those rebellious souls, it is still possible to access the area. By following the new road past Picazon you can still reach the old parking area, but there are new fences blocking access. There is another parking area on the bluff about 200 yards back south from the old parking area. From here there is a trail that bypasses the fence, with a bit of a challenge, you can reach the hiking trail. The area from the trail to the sea is inside the Federal Zone and is public. Supposedly there are guards patrolling, so use this at your own risk. Hopefully this situation with have some positive resolution in the near future.

Shell Canyon Arroyo update
Presently, the entrance to the Shell Canyon Arroyo is also blocked from the east. You can still get to the canyon by entering the arroyo from the highway. Head north on Highway 1, 4.75 mile past the Jeep Monument in Mirimar. Turn hard right on an old cobbled roadway (The Cell Tower Road). Turn right into the arroyo and follow the main track into Shell Canyon. This is easily passable with any 4WD vehicle and most 2WD vehicles with moderately high clearance.

Pinturas Arroyo update
The trail that was in excellent shape thanks to Manny and his bike crew, has now been overtaken again by Mother Nature. It is still a great hike, and usually lots of water.Park at the pinturas as before and hike up the arroyo for about a quarter mile until you see the obvious bike trail coming in from the right. Follow the trail easily to the left up to Las Parras.

Nopoloop Viewpoint update
A nice casual hike past the water treatment ponds, usually loaded with wildlife! The old road to the viewpoint has been improved and the view is well worth the effort. From Loreto, head south and look for a Right turn with a sign PTAR, there are white painted rocks marking the road. This turn is just after the main entrance to Nopolo. Follow the main track passing the water treatment facility, turn left around the back of the facility and park at an obvious parking area near the 2 ponds. Walk south a short distance and cross the arroyo. Continue south and look for the road ascending the hill ahead. Follow the road to the height of land at a high tension tower. Follow a faint trail up and left to the small summit. From the summit return to the tower and continue down following the steep road. At the bottom of the hill take a left on an old road. This will wander through lush vegetation and end at a 'T' intersection. Go left to return to your car.

Juncalito Norte, Juncalito Sur update
The trailhead is still there off the highway, but a little tricky to find. The easiest approach is to take the ranch road in that starts in a small arroyo across from the entrance to Juncalito beach.

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