Hiking Loreto
by DeeDee and Dave Kelly and Ed Nugent
Hikes, Walks and Explorations
in Loreto, the Sierra Giganta and the surrounding area

Please Read
A note about land ownership, permissions and common courtesy,

Our guidebook was intended to be an opening, where we could explore and view this magical land. A few of our hikes, unknowingly cross private lands. Problems have arisen mostly due to folks hiking in large groups with multiple vehicles. Keep your group size small, please no mre than 8-10. Keep your dogs on a leash. Please if you pass any ranch, stop, be polite and ask permission to pass. Many will happily let you continue, some may not, and some may ask for a donation. This is their land, be respectful. If you do pass, do not disturb anything, do not take any rocks, plants or artifacts. If you bring a dog, keep it leashed! dogs have been responsible for injuring and even killing young goats. If your dog poop, bring it out.

To ask permission in Spanish ¿Está bien para nosotros caminar aquí?

Let's work hard to keep a good relationship with all of our local friends.

For the
time being, please avoid any of the hikes in the Mysterio Canyon area, at the end of the Oasis Primer Agua Road.

  The 2019 Edition is currently SOLD OUT.
The Fifth edition will be available in November 2021

Descriptions and maps of over 60 hikes and 20 Mountain Bike Rides

Loreto has always been known as an aquatic playground for kayakers, scuba divers and fishermen. With the majestic Sierra Giganta Mountain range, hundreds of canyons, arroyos and miles of beautiful shoreline, it is destined to become an avid hiker and adventurer’s paradise as well.

In our first edition of HIKING LORETO we described some of the many walks and hikes in the area. In this edition, now the fourth, We have added many new areas, hikes and mountain bike rides in this spectacular and remote area.

Hire a Guide! While this book will help you find some great places, hiring a local guide will give you more history and information than any book could possibly offer. And you are helping our locals and the the local economy.
Loreto Guide Said Orozco

Our website will have updates, corrections and new hikes and rides added as we find them. We will also be offering guided hikes with local Loreto Guides.

New Hikes click here!
Chutes and Ladders, The Loreto Hills, The Yellow Brick Road and more.

Please check HERE for the latest access updates.


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The 2019 Hiking Loreto Guidebook is available in Loreto for $400 Pesos ($20.oo U.S.) at:

The Richard Jackson Photo Galeria
On the Plaza next to Mita Gourmet

El Caballo Blanco, Baja Books
Across from Mike's Bar

El Gavilan En Loreto
Located on Miguel Hidalgo across from The Pescador

New Deli, The Delicatesson
Located on Benito Juarez

Pedro's Place at Loreto Bay

Gecko' Curios
Located on the south side of Miguel Hidalgo


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